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Horology -The science of measuring time. The art of making instruments for indicating time.

Web Horology MB is attempting to provide free horological discussion groups and educational material in all aspects of Horology. It is to provide the buyer and seller the information needed to make intelligent choices on the value and condition of their future puchases or sales. We make no promises as to the validity of any values on this MB because of fluctuating market conditions. We are, also, attempting to provide the hobbiest and the professionals information to improve their services.

Web Horology MB provides clock, pocket watch, wrist watch, and other horological information discussion groups in designated information specific forums. Wide ranging discussions about your favorite clocks and watches with long time collectors to assist you.

Information contained in Private Forums is considered intellectual property of its respective author, and may not be used in any form without consent of respective author.

This Message Board is a public site for Horological Collectors. Be sure to review the 'rules of conduct' page for you will be held accountable for all the rules by the Administrators and Moderators. It is required that all prospective registrants validate their email addresses.

The decisions of the Administrators and Moderators will be final.

Most of all, enjoy the collecting and research of your Favorite Collectibles!

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