View Full Version : Beware FAKE dials

06-03-2009, 11:32 AM
Prompted by a discussion on another message board the issue of FAKE (YES, FAKE) American pocket watch dials of all all types, styles and fabric, new and old concoctions are hitting sales venues around the world.

It has become a disgrace and an insult to serious pocket watch collectors; yet a few of the ignorant apologists and so-called collectors and researchers as well as other charlatans continue to defend them and attempt to describe them as something other than what they are!

Dials other than originals are FAKE, pure and simple; still these clowns drop in the subject of Fergeson, etc.. Fakes==those dials made similar to what was intended originally. FAKE is FAKE is FAKE. Here, we call them as they are--FAKE, and folks are getting scammed and cheated at every avenue! These dials are PURE CRAP and by all accounts do not resemble the original whatsoever and create a lack of credibility on the part of the watch and their owner.

Metal, plastic, decal or the GOD AWFUL and expensive English crap recreations from ground down originals are something with which to be aware.

The "proof is in the pudding"--when these fake fans or their wives or heirs go to sell their holdings only too late will they realize (in cash) what these ignorant collecting fools have done to themselves or their heirs!

Remember, beware of anything that smells fishy--digitals and scans fool many people--don't allow it to happen to you. It is always best to buy the item in person; I have a bad feeling that the makers, bakers, shakers, fakers and takers who will improve their skills over time and more and more collectors will get SUCKED INTO THESE PIECES OF GARBAGE on such venues as web sites and fleabay!