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12-14-2009, 08:50 PM
I was notified yesterday about some nonsense written elsewhere by some amateur bloggers and pretending "experts" that conversion dials were used and placed on watches at their original time of sale. This is totally absurd.

Most conversion dials (hunting to open, etc. with the exception of Waltham chronograph dials*) were replacement dials made for (here a few examples) those that became tired of opening hunting cased watches. Lids were cut out, hense the term CUT HUNTERS, and some times replaced dials were used in order to to read with 12:00 straight up (pendant at 12 o'clock). Others, metal cheap replacements, were made from the 20's and later, to replace broken porcelain or to help sell unsold hunting movements to be placed in the cheaper OF case to make more saleable. For example, almost all 1872 model watches observed with the "conversion dial" were in cut hunters and NOT in OF cases, i.e. hunting movements placed in OF cases with conversion dials. IT MADE NO SENSE FOR AN ORIGINAL, NEW WATCH BUYER TO BUY A NEW HUNTING WATCH CASE, HAVE THE LID CUT, AND THEN CASE IT WITH A CONVERSION DIAL WHEN SIMPLY AN OPEN FACE WATCH COULD HAVE JUST BEEN OBTAINED IN THE FIRST PLACE FOR CHEAPER DOLLARS. Granted that some unsold remaining stock was sold at a later date and the jeweler used the option of conversion dials, depending on the buyer. Some of these dial and watch discussions, opinions of morons, is just plain incomplete and incorrect--where do these people come up with this garbage!

* Waltham "complicated" movements were made in OF (true hunters are rare). In order to use these movements in hunting cases, the seconds bit was rotated to 9:00 so that the 12:00 would be at the top of the watch or 90 degrees from the pendant, or 3:00 position. These dials were purposely made--with the seconds at 9:00 to convert OPEN FACE to HUNTING (or the reverse)! This plan by Waltham was vastly cheaper (making a concersion to hunting dial) then redesigning a whole new movement.