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Jon 07-14-2007 12:28 PM

Nashua Watch Co.
begun in 1859 with many watch and machine experts of the time, inc. N.P. Stratton, C.S. Mosley, B.D. Bingham, J.H. Gerry, Chas Van der Woerd, etc. joining forces to begin making the finest watches in America. Magnificent 20S 19J and 15J movements were begun but not all 1000 were either made or finished and the company was swallowed up and sold for $23,000 to the American Watch Co. Remaining unfinished movements were later engraved American Watch Co. in Waltham and which became the company's premier grade of movement and the finest watches made in America, now as part of the famous Nashua department at Waltham.

All signed Nashua examples are rare--the 19J of which is extremely rare. Watches engraved and finished at Waltham have the original Nashua numbers under the dial. All Nashuas are 20s key wind and set from the back and are gilt. These are highly important and wonderful watches of great historical significance.

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