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Default Houriet: American Watchmaking Factories And Their Tools

This book is now available on my web site

First published in 1895, it gives an excellent description of American watchmaking methods, machines and tools. Chronologically it is the second of three important works on the subject:

Jacques David "American and Swiss Watchmaking in 1876" (a translation of the 1877 reports on American machinery at the time of the Philadelphia Exhibition).

Charles Houriet "The American Watchmaking Factories And Their Tools" (a translation of the 1893 report on American machinery at the time of the Chicago Exhibition).

Edward Marsh "The Evolution of Automatic Machinery as Applied to the Manufacture of Watches" (first published in 1896).

It is interesting to note that the only other substantial book on watchmaking machinery is:

S. V. Tarasov "Technology of watch production" (first published in Russian in 1956).
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