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Unread 11-14-2005, 10:33 AM
Jon Jon is offline
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Default 2 CAMPS AND INTERESTING TOPIC FOR DISCUSSION..................................

Over the years I have found 2 distinct camps re collecting pockets watches:

1. those that want/collect used watches that actually WERE THERE and are(hopefully) original

2. and those that want everything crisp, though not necessarily original

Tastes could be changing these days due to the high costs (nowadays) of "crispy" items, but now that may be changing due to the condition fanatics, though not original freaks and the parting out and switching issues. RR collectors for the most parts, and especially newbies, simply don't have a clue re ******ations and probably don't care due to the brain washing by dealers and some of the BIG REEEESEARCHERS that continue to apologize and run their mouths citing old BS they read of yesteryear to cover their practices of "making watches" 21st century style.

It appears that the RR freaks seem to care the least about parting out, ******ation and the butchery of switching, as many RR parts are easily accessible and switched. IMO, MORE HIGH GRADE RAILROADS IN TOP CONDITION NOW EXIST THAN EVER BEFORE due to switching and the wholesale of upgrading of these watches. QUANTITIES ASSIST THE BUTCHERS AND FOOLS THAT BELIEVE A 992 OR 992B IS RARE DUE TO RR HYPE AND PROMOTION! Ball watches, historically, probably have the worst record as for condition as many were actually used and worn out. THESE ALSO MAY HAVE THE HIGHEST RATE OF SWITCHING AS COLLECTORS CONTINUALLY WANT TO UP GRADE THESE FOR EGO AND PROFIT. Switching RR components and creating monster watches are actually much easier to mask, due to quantities and relatively newness of the article.

Parts are much harder to obtain for early watches and most early watches show plenty of use--upgrading them is a waste of time because so many of the components are worn, inc, case, movement, dial, etc. Who wants a killer KW case with a worn and well used movement--they simply aren't compatible!

Don't get me wrong I love all watches and I have many major RR watches collected from years ago--however, today I would not bother with these, NOR WOULD I BUY ANY, as I do not want made up or ******ed watches. Remember, if you acquire a high condition RR, you are probably in all likelyhood paying too much and purchasing a product that has been upgraded, switched as a result of a parting out--WATCH OUT WHEN PARTING WITH THOSE HARD EARNED DOLLARS!
Jon "the truth" Hanson
American Horologe Co. (America's Most Respected Name).
Founder of nawcc Chapter 149--the leading pocket watch collectors' club!
Long time collector; NOW over 60 years of collecting, researching, educating and assisting collectors with pocket watch issues.
Join the ranks of ethical/credible pocket watch collecting practices--KEEP POCKET WATCHES ORIGINAL--DON'T PART THEM OUT OR SWITCH COMPONENTS!
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