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Unread 10-01-2014, 03:32 PM
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Talking NAWCC refuses to allow educational links-shame on the assoc

NAWCC refuses to allow educational links-shame on the nat ass

This one is truly laughable:

A non Howard "expert" NOT writes:

"In my opinion, the movement is a genuine E. Howard Series III, the serial number mostly likely started out as 7316, if you draw an imaginary line under the serial number, the first digit is sloped to a more acute angle to "the line" than the third digit, to me indicating that it could have been a seven at one time.

It's obvious to me, this watch was handled by a master watch maker, it seems he/she was faced with the old a broken jewel repair, didn't have the correct parts and/or means to replace the jewel and decided to take the next best course of action, which was to reach for his/her Black and Decker electric drill so as to obtain a hole big enough to accept a hole jewel he/she had in inventory. Once the initial stage of restoration was completed, he/she carefully sanded down the affected area with I guess a P40 grade of sand paper to conceal the repair, inadvertently, part of the first digit was removed. The silver lining of this master repair, was the creation an experimental Howard. To me, the results speak for them self.



Well, there are so many things wrong with this Swiss fake that it is a joke!

gilding color


HS stud shape, style

balance under

apparent large size of cock


incorrect patent placement at barrel surround

wrong escutcheon at winding

balance jewel screw position

shape and style of Geneva SW

earlier series III's do not have the raised setting

I did not know Mershon's was spelled "MER SHON'S"

I wonder what the underside of the dial looks like

how about the curvette winding holes?

look at the space between the plate and inner case frame

AND, if in hand, I am certain I could find a many more "faking errors."

This one is ever so easy, actually laughable and typical of watch "expert" pretenders to some horological throne--most of these fellas are just guessing and haven't a clue! (I have a NY and London bridge to sell!) It shows just another reason why the assoc is in trouble--people posting wrong information and the HUGE DROP in mawcc membership!
Jon "the truth" Hanson
American Horologe Co. (America's Most Respected Name).
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Long time collector; NOW over 60 years of collecting, researching, educating and assisting collectors with pocket watch issues.
Join the ranks of ethical/credible pocket watch collecting practices--KEEP POCKET WATCHES ORIGINAL--DON'T PART THEM OUT OR SWITCH COMPONENTS!
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