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Unread 10-17-2009, 12:30 AM
Jon Jon is offline
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Location: Boston, Massachusetts
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Default "Gems of the First Water"

I occasionally read with great amusement musings of various bloggers and so-called "experts" who ridicule and make fun of various facts, truths and originality issues regarding old American watches and terms such as "Gems of the First Water," blazers, crisp, dazzling, magnificent Gem, killer condition, all original, a true "Virgin," etc., etc.

Newer collectors and budding horologists often wonder that if such watches exist what do they really look like in the hand, to what extent are they original, how often do they surface, and how does one detect many of the well known alteratons, switches, replacements and other hidden (or obvious) m o l e s t a t i o n s to the extent have these old watches or movements been subjected.

"Gems of the first Water" and choice all original American watches (and foreign, English and continental) do rise to the surface, not as frequently as they once did, but nevertheless all sources have not dried up.

The real answer might just be that those bloggers and so-called "experts" mentioned above may just have not learned the finer points of collecting and the secrets of originality and condition from their early introductions to the hobby. Maybe this is the reason for their discontent, belaboring idiotic rebutals and absurd remarks elsewhere on other venues and message boards. Another reason could be lack of funds or just plain jealousy. Collecting pocket watches and striving to improve ones' collection is a passion, and true collectors embark on watch hunts for decades or a lifetime; however to become an advanced collector it takes time, education, study and funds. Are you a lifer? What is your passion? Is it the watch or the money that drives you in this hobby of horology?

In any event choice original watches and other "Gems of the First Water" continue to be discovered by chapter 149 members in all parts of the world. Some of these highlights appear in the private research sections of chapter 149 while others are whispered among various cliques of members who specialize in a certain area of collecting.

The bottom line is education, knowing what to collect and how to collect it.
Chapter 149 members certanly lead the pack in excellence and knowledge.

Need assistance? Check with the various Mentors of our Mentor Program.

Do you love watches, desire to learn, and want to learn about your collection the right way? Consider Chapter 149!
Jon "the truth" Hanson
American Horologe Co. (America's Most Respected Name).
Founder of nawcc Chapter 149--the leading pocket watch collectors' club!
Long time collector; NOW over 60 years of collecting, researching, educating and assisting collectors with pocket watch issues.
Join the ranks of ethical/credible pocket watch collecting practices--KEEP POCKET WATCHES ORIGINAL--DON'T PART THEM OUT OR SWITCH COMPONENTS!

Last edited by Jon; 10-20-2009 at 07:29 PM.
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